Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Best 2BHK Flats in Gurgaon

The 2BHK flats in Gurgaon are highly popular due to the demand generated by the MNC and IT professionals. They in fact, comprise of a major chunk of the urban population. Most look out for 2 bedroom flats that are located close to their offices. Hence, the residential projects that enjoy a prominent position, close to the corporate hubs and malls and entertainment points are on high demand.

Information on Best 2BHK Flats in Gurgaon

The areas like sector 18, 32, 61, 25 A have high demand for 2BHK apartments. Especially the sectors like 12, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 37, 48, 63, 52 offer fully furnished flats under modern housing societies. The facilities that come along with the flats serve residents with highly urbanized lifestyle with the aid of 24 hour power back up and multi tiered security system.

Let us take a look at best 2bhk flats in Gurgaon.

Available 2BHK flats in Gurgaon

Earth Towne - Located in Greater Gurgaon Extension, the Earth Towne is developed by the Earth Infrastructures. The 2 BHK, 3 BHK flats in Gurgaon are greenest of all homes. They are nestled amidst sprawling green landscape, water bodies and beautiful boulevards and such.

Lotus Boulevard - The 3C Lotus Boulevard is a newly launched residential complex by 3C. The project is located in sector 100 Gurgaon. The 2 BHK flats come along with living cum dining room, modular kitchen with two balconies. The flats consists of covered area of 1075 sqft.

Gardenia Glory - The Gardenia Glory is located in sector 46 Gurgaon. The project is developed by the famous builder Gardenia India Ltd. The flats are built in beautiful and spacious landscape with 17 blocks and 1400 houses. Apart from 2 BHK flats, the project also offers 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. Facilities like children's play area, club house, swimming pool and such are offered.

Japee Greens Kasa Isles - The Jaypee Greens Kasa Isles located in sector 129 offers fabulous 2 BHK apartments. In fact, along with 2 BHK flats it also offers 1.3 and 4 bedroom flats. The sizes of the flats vary from 535 sq. ft. to 2300 sq. ft. The amenities include swimming pool, tennis courts, yoga hall, gymnasium, squash court, skating ring, shopping, badminton court, club house and football field jogging track more.

Source: https://sites.google.com/view/pg-in-sector-15-gurugram/best-2bhk-flats-in-gurgaon

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Gurgaon Property Review

 PG in Gurgaon - Located near the national capital of India, Gurgaon is becoming a major business center and an international dimension. Most multinational companies prefer to open their offices in Gurgaon Delhi due to a plethora of contributing factors. Consequently, the types of property in Gurgaon are sky clouds. This trend started several years ago and has recently acquired inexorable and irreversible proportions. Gurgen it was kind of a ubiquitous unsophisticated indigenous d├ęcennies a few have, in harmony with the natural fall of this development became an urban center, preening in the radiance output.

Boys PG in Sector 15 Gurgaon - The companies that open offices in Gurgaon units belong to the broad spectrum of industries. However, among companies opening their offices in the city, the IT and BPO sectors constitute the majority. As an inevitable corollary and consequence, there is growing urbanization and the urban center of Gurgaon is expanding at an urban widening. Therefore, the demand for housing and commercial property in Gurgaon is growing.

1 RK Flat on rent in Gurgaon - Among the factors that contribute, the sophistication of infrastructure, especially transportation facilities over the region, has provided easy access to Gurgaon from the capital of the country and the centers in neighboring states. The construction of the Jaipur-Delhi national highway, the Delhi-Gurgaon highway 8-meter line and the Delhi-Gurgaon are notable milestones in the development of Gurgaon in an urban center of major commercial importance.

Despite the mushrooming rate in dealing with real estate people and entities that emerge, the real estate market in Gurgaon is usually dominated and controlled by a few. Following the real estate boom in Gurgaon, it becomes more and more difficult for a common potential buyer looking for a property at a good price in their media.

From the investor point of view, the properties of Gurgaon are the best options available. Despite the current slowdown, there is a demand precipitating several properties, including office space, industrial premises, shops, businesses close, cottages, bungalows, apartments, flats, apartments, condominiums, villas, rent property, etc.

Source: https://pginsector15gurugram.art.blog/2021/06/26/gurgaon-property-review/

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Easy Ways to Improve Guest Accommodation

PG in Gurgaon - High quality guest accommodation needs to offer a homely welcome to paying guests. Styling guest accommodation is all about understated decorative finishing touches, like colourful cushions, bath mats throw-overs and shams. You don't need a big budget to make a difference. A few canvases or well framed photography of local beauty spots make interesting focal points for the walls and a talking point over coffee and croissants.

Boys pg in sector 14 Gurgaon - A well equipped kitchen not only makes your self-catering accommodation stand out from the crowd, but careful choice of practical accessories can save you time and money in the long run. A bread bin, storage canisters and breadboard saves your worktops and tables from damage when the guests attack the pain rustique. And an easy wipe-clean chopping board comes into its own when the guests want to slice your home grown beetroot and vine ripened tomatoes for their salad.

Girls pg in sector 14 Gurgaon - You're not operating a continental budget hotel so why not make the whole dining experience special for your guests? Leather-look placemats and coasters are stylish and practical protecting dining tables and wooden furniture.

PG in sector 15 Gurgaon - A really welcoming touch (one you're certain to employ already) is a beautifully arranged bunch of flowers and foliage, perhaps from your garden. Or if you cater for winter visitors, cluster attractive evergreens and vibrant berries to make a statement.

Source: https://pginsector15gurugram.news.blog/2021/05/15/easy-ways-to-improve-guest-accommodation/

Friday, 14 May 2021

5 Practical Reasons to Look for Furnished Apartments

When it comes to searching for a new apartment there is the option to choose an unfurnished or furnished 1 BHK apartment. Many people prefer to start from scratch with an unfurnished place and invest in their own personal collection of furniture. However, for the short-term stay or simply for convenience, the option to lease a furnished 2 BHK apartment can be very appealing. Let's take a look at five practical benefits of a furnished apartment:

Quick to move in

A major benefit of the furnished 3 BHK apartment is the ability to quickly move in and get settled without needing to relocate with big pieces of furniture. Plus, with a lot less personal belongings to pack up and travel with, the cost of moving from one apartment to the next is a lot less hassle and more affordable.

Less furniture to buy

If moving to a larger 1 RK apartment there will be no need to buy new furniture to fill out the empty spaces. Having to invest in a new couch, bed, television, etc. can be very expensive. Even though a furnished apartment can cost a little extra each month on rent, it is possible to cut out many of the initial costs that are needed to get an apartment in a livable and comfortable position.

Flexible leases

Many of the apartments that are complete with furniture and ready to live in come with the flexible lease options. This can help to target those people who are looking for a low commitment option or a place to stay for the short-term. Typically, there is a great opportunity to negotiate a short-term lease that matches the specific needs, which can range from three or four months to over 12 months or more.

Style the apartment

There are still limited options to style the apartment if only staying for the short-term. Many apartments are decorated with neutral colors to make them more appealing to the wider audience. So, with the use of throw covers for the couches and chairs, artwork, or other style options, there are plenty of ways to create the homely atmosphere.

Utilities included

A final benefit is the fact the furnished apartment will already be set up with the must-have and practical utilities. This will mean that access to the internet and cable is already in place and there will be no need to have these supplies installed after moving in. Also, they are likely to form part of the monthly rental, so there is no need to pay extra for these services.

Source: http://pginsector15gurugram.wikidot.com/5-practical-reasons-to-look-for-furnished-apartments

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Paying Guest Accommodation in Gurgaon

Further hostels were not too popular because there were too many restrictions and hence curtailed ones freedom. Of course, Gurgaon was one of the few cities which did have this tradition of having paying guests, but mostly in Anglo-Indian houses, but these were very few.

PG for boys in Gurgaon – However, suddenly everything in Gurgaon changed, with the sudden boom of the IT sector. More and more job hunters came to Gurgaon with the intention of staying for a long time. There was therefore a growing need for accommodation. Hostels ,hotels and independent flats did not fit the bill perfectly, as there were disadvantages in each of these. Further it was not enough to accommodate the thousands of youngsters who descended on Gurgaon. It was at this time that many people who had a spare room thought of letting it out to these ladies and gentlemen who were desperately in need of accommodation. The idea worked and more and more people started renting out rooms with or without food. This then was the beginning, but has now become quite a lucrative business in Gurgaon.

PG for boys in Gurgaon – Various types of paying guest accommodations are available in Gurgaon. For those who require accommodation on a limited budget, there are rooms available on sharing basis .If the rent is not a problem then single rooms with bath attached are available. For those who are used to luxuries there are five star like rooms available. Food is also provided if it is required but at a higher cost. This culture has caught on, so much that even students prefer to stay as paying guests. 

The is no trouble finding out about the availability of paying guest accommodation in Gurgaon, because all information is available on the internet .You only have to furnish your requirements and you will be flooded with offers. In fact if you look closely enough you will find information about the availability of paying guest accommodation in Gurgaon even pasted on trees.

Source: https://pggurugram.over-blog.com/2021/04/paying-guest-accommodation-in-gurgaon.html

Hostels Vs Paying Guest Accommodations - Which One is a Better Option?

 Hostels vs paying guest accommodations is quite a common debate among people. You must have come across several people who get confused between hostels and paying guest accommodations as they don't really know which one would be a better option for them. The confusion should not actually exist if they are clear about their requirements and they have enough details about these accommodations.

PG for boys in Gurgaon - The confusion is mainly due to the fact that such people are not aware of what exactly these accommodations offer individually. I have observed people asking questions regarding these accommodations particularly about which one they should go for. This is basically a matter of personal choice and the selection may vary as per the individuals.

Girls pg in Gurgaon - There is no specific answer to this debate as the opinions may vary depending on the individuals. But it is important that people must know about hostels as well paying guest accommodations in detail. Both these accommodations cater to people looking out for a long term stay. Hostels are most common among the students and working people as they find them quite safer as compared to all other accommodations once they move out of their homes. Mostly students go out of their places for their further studies and thus they need a safe and comfortable stay there. Almost all educational institutions provide hostel facility to their students. Hostels provide all necessary facilities like a good stay, food, laundry, etc.

1 rk for rent in Gurgaon - The other kind of accommodation is the paying guest accommodations where few rooms from private homes or flats are available for rent. There are also people who like going for such accommodations. Several people stay in paying guest accommodations because they are provided with a comfortable stay along with all other required facilities like proper home cooked food, laundry everything. You may easily find out information about such accommodations. All you need to do is enquire the local people, your friends and most commonly used method is online research.

If we compare both these accommodations and I have to choose any one option out of these two then I would prefer going for hostels. I believe hostels are much safer than paying guest accommodations especially for girls. When you stay in the hostels it completely becomes the responsibility of your educational institute or other kind of institutes that is providing you with the hostel facility.

So, the conclusion that comes out is that both these accommodations are equally beneficial and important for people as the views may be different as per individual requirements. All I can say is that the thing that holds utmost importance is that you choose the best hostel or the best paying guest accommodations.

Source: https://pginsector15gurugram.tumblr.com/post/649066251060117504/hostels-vs-paying-guest-accommodations-which-one

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Paying Guest Accommodation

 Paying guest accommodation normally known as PG Accommodation. This type of accommodation is generally preferred by teenagers, college going students, singles, and bachelors. Students generally prefer Girls PG in Gurgaon instead of hostels. As in hostels there are limitation to most of the things such as lights get switched off near about ten o clock or so but it is not with Pg. in PG one can do anything. Hostels provide food that is necessary to have but in PG it has an option to cook buy own, there is both option available to cook by own or have the provided one. Most of the person putting in PG's prefers Tiffin system.

The thinks that one should keep in mind is:

Location - it means that the PG in Gurgaon should be near to your college, office etc. the society should also be residential instead of commercial for the safety point of view. Look for the place which is on the road so that one can access public transport easily. One should always see out first the existing room-mates, their behavior, likes, dislikes etc.

Convenience in point of cooking should be there. It means food should be included there in rent amount. And yes most important, kitchen should be there so that if you want to hot something then the kitchen is mandatory.

Restrictions - Check out for the landlord what all restrictions are there; if all those suit then go for it. Serious restrictions such as parties, sound level, and night stay for friends should not be there. All such minor things should be checked out first.

Now comes the rent, rent are generally high for one room as there are many amenities provided by land lords. Preferable is to search in reference; reference as in known person such as friends, relative, colleagues etc. Through this the security would be there as well as rent will also be cheap.

Source: https://pginsector15gurugramcondos.home.blog/

Best 2BHK Flats in Gurgaon

The   2BHK flats in Gurgaon   are highly popular due to the demand generated by the MNC and IT professionals. They in fact, comprise of a ma...